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Physiotherapy can assist with a variety of physical aches and pains, including those caused by sitting at a computer all day. The average person sits for 13 hours every day. In fact, some experts believe that sitting has evolved into a new bad habit, dubbed “the new smoking.”

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Fortunately, most desk-related symptoms can be alleviated with physical therapy, which can also keep your symptoms from worsening. If you feel that your symptoms are becoming more persistent, it may be time to seek the aid of a physiotherapist.

What Is Physiotherapy and What Is It For?

Physiotherapy is the use of physical means, such as fitness, massages, adjustment, and other treatments, rather than medication or surgery, to treat injuries, diseases, and illnesses.

When people hear of the word physiotherapist, they immediately think of back pain, or sports-related injuries. While this is well within the scope of what physiotherapists do, these are not the only issues they treat. Physiotherapists are trained and experienced health professionals who treat people who have physical issues as a result of injury, sickness, illness, or aging.

A physiotherapist’s focus is to enhance a person’s quality of life by using a variety of procedures to relieve pain and restore function, as well as to decrease the impact of any dysfunction in the case of a permanent injury or disease.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Desk Job Body Aches?

Sitting for majorityof the day can be detrimental to your health

People aren’t supposed to sit for lengthy stretches of time. But who can condemn those who are tethered to their desks by being in office jobs? Fortunately, you still have control over this. You have the ability to alleviate the aches and joint pains caused by sitting too much .

Physiotherapy is one of the treatments available for the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting. You have a wide range of therapy options. The treatment plan given to you will depend on the nature and severity of your pain.

Physiotherapists can create a regimen that is tailored to your needs. To reduce aches and pains and muscle atrophy caused by muscular or joint stiffness, they will develop a personalized program that will be quite effective to your unique needs.

1.Strength and Conditioning

Muscle strengthening can be achieved by physical therapy. Abdominal strengthening is typically the greatest treatment for back discomfort.

Abdominal strengthening may help relieve back pressure. Physical therapists may utilize devices or other tools to help in this process.

Stretching has a number of health benefits, including increased flexibility, improved blood flow, increased energy levels, the release of endorphins, and a lower risk of injury.

Physical therapists use a variety of stretching treatments. Ballistic, static, and dynamic are some of the most prevalent. Physical therapy stretching and strengthening will help you a lot, depending on your level of pain and your doctor’s advice.

2.Helps Develop Proper Ergonomics

Physical therapists will not only work on stretching and strengthening, but they will also educate you on good ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the study of people’s productivity in the workplace. It is determined by a person’s work environment, abilities, physical needs, and restrictions.

Ergonomics aids in the reduction of risk factors that could cause harm.

The importance of ergonomics in physical therapy cannot be overstated. Patients who do not have good ergonomics are more likely to return with the same problem.

3.Develop Exercise regimen for neuromuscular re-education

Balance, posture, and coordination can all be improved with neuromuscular re-education exercises and manual therapy techniques. Physical therapists use it as part of their treatment plan. Neuromuscular reeducation exercises can help with more than 90% of soft tissue problems that chiropractors see.

Physical therapy can aid in the restoration of natural and energy-efficient movement patterns in this way. It can also aid in the optimization of joint biomechanics and the reduction of discomfort caused by neuromuscular inadequacies. Physical therapists that specialize in this form of therapy will evaluate you depending on a variety of factors.

Various functional strengthening, balance, stretching, and coordination tasks are included in the workouts. This form of physical therapy can be quite beneficial and may also assist you in better managing your symptoms.

4.Improve Flexibility

Physiotherapy can improve flexibility and range of motion

Overload causes the majority of low-back ailments. Low-back strain or injury occurs when too much force is applied to the joints, discs, ligaments, and muscles of the lower back. It can occur suddenly or gradually. Low-back and hip stiffness and tightness are frequently the first signs that something is wrong.

Maintaining adequate hip, low-back, and thoracic spine range of motion and flexibility is critical for lowering the load on your low-back caused by sitting or standing behind your desk. Stretching is more beneficial to persons with a “stiff” body type than it is to those who are hypermobile. Strength and stability are more important than flexibility in minimizing the risk of low-back injury in hypermobile workers.

5.Educate you on effective at home regimens

The best part about physiotherapy is that it is a pain-relieving, non-invasive practice. As a result, your therapist can help you learn or develop a successful home regimen that you may incorporate into your everyday activities to improve your quality of life.

They’ve been taught to do more than just stretch your limbs. They can provide you advice on food, exercise, and even simple things like appropriate posture. If you wish to get into a more active way of life to break free from a sedentary existence, your therapist can help you devise a strategy for getting you into a more active lifestyle without putting you in significant risk for injury.

Seek the advise of a professionalWestwood 2

The only way to reap the benefits of what physiotherapists can offer is to go out and visit one. They can greatly improve your quality of life and may even help you increase your productivity at work by helping with all the body aches associated with a sedentary life.

If you are suffering from persistent pain, also known as chronic pain, or an accident, physical therapy is a great option. If you’re looking for well trained, certified, and trusted physiotherapists, turn to Westwood Physiotherapy and Wellness. You may contact us at (519) 341-5161 or send us an email at