What People Are Saying

{Nadine is very knowledgeable and kind. I love how we also have such fun conversations while still working through tough knots of which I was coached on how to breathe through too. I’m not usually one to speak up for my needs (even when in pain) but Nadine made me feel safe enough to do so and is also very perceptive and checks in too so I never feel afraid to speak up because I’m not initiating all the time. Very pleased with my experience!
Mikhal Ferr
{This environment and place has been very friendly, open and safe. Especially during COVID-19, they have implemented safe precautions. The place is very well kept and clean. The secretaries at the front are lovely and kind with providing services. I have experienced alot of back pain and tension in my body, but I have been seeing this talented massage therapist named Nadine. I highly recommend her because she is extremely knowledgeable. She has helped me alot mentally and physically with my well-being. She has been educating me on ways to improve my tension and pain, which I have been able to apply to my profession and life habits. I am extremely grateful for her and how much she has helped me improve myself.
Tina Lui
{Booked an appointment for my father because his previous physiotherapist was booked until next month. He was really satisfied with his visit and ended up booking two more appointments.
Shayla Pham
Sandeep is amazing, very knowledgeable and I felt she had my recovery as her only goal. I have been to dozens of Physiotherapists over the last 25 years and she is one of the best!
David Belcher
{Heather is amazing. After just one visit my back already feels an improvement. I will look to see if she also does message therapy. Great place
Rick emm
{Bravo to Sandeep , Malkiat and rest of the staff. Service and Staff is excellent and friendly . I strongly recommend them and I will keep coming back
{Sandeep is amazing, very professional and kind. Makes you feel very welcome and safe and approaches everyone with so much care. My whole family is going for various reasons and she helped us a lot. Definitely someone I would recommend.
Josip Strahija
{Mrs.Ginni was very informative as was the rest of the staff. EXTREMELY satisfied & I'm eager to get to my next appointment
Charmaine Swiderski