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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation in Guelph, ON

At Westwood Physiotherapy & Wellness, our team strives to be with you every step of the way. We know pain isn’t fun, and neither is surgery. As such, we are here to help guide you through your post-surgery recovery.

If you’ve been looking for a post-surgical rehabilitation clinic in Guelph, look no further. The Westwood Physiotherapy & Wellness team is here to help.

What’s Involved in Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Post surgical rehabilitation helps re-establish range of motion, strength, function, and more after surgery. Depending on the type of surgery and your state of health, post surgical rehabilitation can greatly vary in its length and time. For some, rehabilitation may last only a few months. For others, rehabilitation may take place over a year or more.

No matter what type of surgery you had, our team acquires the necessary information from your surgeon. These may include set protocols or information regarding your particular procedure.

Either way, our team will show you how to use crutches or other walking aids if needed. We will also guide you through pain management strategies to help you in the short-term. On top of this, we also focus on long-term strategies. We work with you to create an appropriate exercise plan with planned progressions to help you get back to your regular functioning.

Who is Eligible for Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

There are many situations where post-surgical rehabilitation is necessary. These include:

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • ACL repair
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Joint surgery
  • Back surgery

Without rehabilitation after surgery, you may continue to experience dysfunction, pain, abnormal biomechanics, injury, inadequate healing, and more. Rehab can help you get back to your normal within a supervised and safe environment.

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